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APICAL® Type AF Polyimide Film is an FEP coated/laminated polyimide exhibiting an excellent balance of physical, electrical, moisture, and chemical resistance properties. APICAL® Type AF Polyimide Film maintains the unique balance of properties exhibited by APICAL® Polyimide AV Type. Commercially available constructions are shown in the Grade Table. Other constructions are available upon request.

Apical® Polyimide AF - Grade Table

Apical Polyimide Grade Nominal Thickness FP PI
Mils Mils Mils
Microns Microns Microns
150AF019 1.5 - 1
38.1 - 25.4
200AF919 2 0.5 1
50.8 12.7 25.4
250AF029 2.5 - 2
63.5 - 50.8
300AF929 3 0.5 2
76.2 12.7 50.8
200AF011 2 - 1
50.8 - 25.4
300AF021 3 - 2
76.2 - 50.8
120AF616 1.2 0.1 1
30.5 2.5 25.4
L50S10 1.5 - 1
38.1 - 25.4
130EF616B 1.3 0.15 1
33 3.8 25.4
P50A10 1.5 - 1
38.1 - 25.4

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Apical® Polyimide AF - Grade Details

Thermal Properties and Heat Seal Strength of APICAL® Type AF Polyimide Film

Types AV, AF, and NP APICAL® Polyimide Film are listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. under their file number E135495. A thermal index of 240°C (464°F) for electrical properties (all types and gauges) and 200°C (392°F) to 220°C (428°F) for mechanical properties (depending upon the type and gauge) are listed.

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. lists flammability of UL94-VO for Types AV, AF, and NP APICAL® Polyimide Film.

Heat Seal Strength of APICAL® Type AF Polyimide Film

The Film-to-Film heat seal strength between AF type Films (coated side to coated side or uncoated side depending upon type) is measured in the following manner:

Seals are made in a jaw sealer at 350ºC [662F], 20 psi, 20 sec dwell time. After cooling, the seals are cut to 1″ (25.4mm) wide strips. The strength of the seal is measured with an Instron-type tensile tester. Seal strength is defined as peak reading for each seal and five specimen values are averaged.

Minimum heat seal strengths shall be:

    • 450 g/in (1.7 N/cm) between uncoated side and coated side or both coated sides.
    • The bond strength between FEP and Polyimide Film on all Type AF Films (except 120AF616) shall have a minimum value of 200 g/in (0.77 N/cm) as measured using an Instron-type tensile tester.


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Industries who depend upon APICAL® Polyimide Film benefit not only from a carefully designed product, but from the process behind it as well. Unlike many film manufacturers, APICAL® Polyimide process technology is driven by quality not speed.


In spite of being lighter in weight than many of the materials it has replaced, the overall performance of APICAL® Polyimide surpasses them. Its high degree of dimensional stability allows it to be wrapped tightly for applications where space is a premium. It is tough, highly resistant to tearing, abrasion and puncture.

Technical Data

APICAL®​ Polyimide Films possess an excellent balance of physical, thermal, electrical, and chemical properties over a wide range of temperatures for flexible printed circuits, tape automated bonding, motor generator insulation, wire and cable insulation, pressure sensitive tape and other uses.

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