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Type CR Polyimide Film

APICAL® Polyimide Film Is the Right Choice.

APICAL® Corona Resistant Polyimide 110CR and L50CR11 are high temperature Polyimide Films. These CR films have excellent thermal and electrical stability over the long life of any motor.

APICAL® 110CR and L50CR11 is designed to withstand the compounding conditions and form strong interfacial bonding with many materials.   The polymer will remain stable during extended high temperature continuous use conditions.


  • Motors
  • Generators
  • Transformers


  • Excellent thermal and electrical stability
  • Excellent adhesion to copper
  • Excellent corona resistant stability

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Typical Properties 110CR@ 27um (1.10 mil)


Value Test Method
Corona Resistance hrs >100,000 IEC 60343
Dielectric Strength v/mil 6000 ASTM D149
Volume Resistivity ohm/cm 4.5×1018 ASTM D257
Surface Resitivity ohm/sq 1.5×1016 ASTM D257
Dielectric Constant 2.77 IPC TM 650
Dissipation Factor 1MHz 0.000024 IPC TM 650


  Value Test Method
Tensile psi (MPa) 40,000 (276) ASTM D882
Elongation % 98 ASTM D882
Modulus ksi 560 ASTM D882
Tear Propagation 0.9 ASTM D1922
Tear Initial 7.1 ASTM D1004
Yield g/m2 44.88 Kaneka Method
Density 1.57 ASTM D1505


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Industries who depend upon APICAL® Polyimide Film benefit not only from a carefully designed product, but from the process behind it as well. Unlike many film manufacturers, APICAL® Polyimide process technology is driven by quality not speed.


In spite of being lighter in weight than many of the materials it has replaced, the overall performance of APICAL® Polyimide surpasses them. Its high degree of dimensional stability allows it to be wrapped tightly for applications where space is a premium. It is tough, highly resistant to tearing, abrasion and puncture.

Technical Data

APICAL® Polyimide Films possess an excellent balance of physical, thermal, electrical, and chemical properties over a wide range of temperatures for flexible printed circuits, tape automated bonding, motor generator insulation, wire and cable insulation, pressure sensitive tape and other uses.

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